One of the best and most useful electronic conveniences for your home is music that plays wherever you desire. Better still is when the sound is heard, but not seen.

With the latest in digital components and our extensive skill in designing high-performance music systems, we can bring the joy of music to every room in your home. We make the system as easy and convenient to use as a light switch, and virtually invisible.

Speakers can be hidden in walls and ceilings, indoors and outside. Waterproof speakers are used in baths, showers, pools and patios. You can hear music from a CD library, a server based copy of your CD collection, streamed internet music, or satellite, cable or conventional radio. Song and album information can even be displayed on any TV or small LCD touchpanel.

An excellent time to consider adding a music system is during redecoration, renovation or new construction. Please schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. We are happy to work with you and your designers to achieve your desires