Elite Home Systems' designers, programmers and installers are knowledgeable in electronics and construction. Following is a summary of how we take your dreams and make them into an Elite Home System.

Design - The first step is to dream and explore. We educate you on the latest home systems and options. The goal isn't to decide on specific components, but rather to discuss all the possibilities. We paint broad brushstrokes about what can be done, allowing to make realize your dreams.

Installation - Our Project Manager regularly inspects your facility to make sure the architects and craftsmen prepare the groundwork. Our installers set the wiring neatly inside walls and ceilings. We wire and program the equipment, and test all aspects of your system at our facility. The installation crew delivers the system, then completes the installation.

Service - We service everything we sell and we'll never send you elsewhere for help. We respond quickly to remedy any situation. Anytime you need us, we’ll be there.