For movie and music connoisseurs, dedicated home theaters are an essential part of their residences. These private screening rooms integrate audio, video, control and room acoustics in a luxurious cinema environment. A wonderfully escapist experience is the result.

Elite Home Systems carefully tailors a home theater to your chosen space and style. Choose from many different interiors, including newly available, affordable options. We perform computer analysis of acoustics and sightlines to ensure impressive sound and picture quality no matter where you sit. Our extensive experience with the finest speaker systems, amplifiers, processors, automation and theater interiors makes us uniquely qualified to bring your dream system to life.

Your system will be as pleasurable to use as it is to watch. Our engineering team will design a control system that can dim the lights, close the shades and start the movie or concert at the touch of a single button.

Throughout the entire design, engineering and installation process, we work closely with your architect, designer, and contractors to ensure the most professional and rapid completion.